Gay August Event Calendar, including parties, gay pride parade and parties, circuit festivals, club nights, official holiday events and more.

Europride 2018 – Stockholm & Gothenburg

One country, two cities : Gothenburg and Stockholm unite to organise 3 weeks of celebration for the EuroPride 2018 with a huge gay pride parade.

Flower Carpet & Flower Time

Every other summer, on the weekend of August 15th, the Flower Carpet offers a chance to stroll across the Grand-Place, a jewel of Gothic architecture,

Brussels Comic Strip Festival

Belgium, and Brussels in particular, have been fertile ground for comic strips from the very beginning,

Copenhagen Gay Pride

Copenhagen Gay Pride hosts a colourful and political festival with awards, parties, concerts and film, centred around City Hall Square each year in August

Xlsior Mykonos

Xlsior Mykonos provides the perfect combination to an amazing party, the subtlety a quality clubbing with dream holidays on the beautiful Mykonos island.

Southern Decadance

Southern Decadence New Orleans is a top gay Labor Day Weekend destination, one of our world’s major annual gay events with circuit parties & gay fetish events

Reykjavik Gay Pride

Reykjavik Pride of Hinsegin dagar as it is known in Islandic, is a festival where the whole nation comes together in celebrating the fact that in Iceland you can enjoy the freedom of being and living as you are.