Gay Mykonos Guide

Gay Mykonos is an island paradise, one of the most idyllic destinations in Greece. Mykonos has been synonymous with Gay Travel since the sixties. Most visitors to the Island spend the day at one of the many beautiful beaches before partying long into the night!

Idyllic Mykonos

The idyllic port of Mykonos and your daily view from the old town.

Said to be named after Mykonos, the grandson of the god Apollo, the Greek island of Mykonos is a legend in its own right. Situated in the Aegean sea, Mykonos, the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek islands, forms part of the Cyclades range together with Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini.

A Classic Village Feel

Gay Mykonos offers visitors an abundance of steep mountains giving way to low, rocky hills combined with superb beaches. The island combines colorful fishing villages peppered with small churches and windmills together with sizzling nightlife in the towns. Oh and, of course, glorious sunshine from May to October.

No building is higher than three floors. Motorways and traffic lights don’t exist and there are no big supermarkets or department stores. With its intimate, village-like ambience, Mykonos town retains much of the character of the small, sleepy fishing village that it was only 40 years ago.

Mykonos fulfils everyone’s idea of what a Greek island should look like. All the clichés are here: the white-washed cubicle houses, gorgeous blue-green water, three gay beaches and beautiful people from all over the world.

Super Beach

Super beaches, super boys, Mykonos has been a leading gay destination for decades.

Mykonos has always been a popular destination for gay travelers ever since the island’s glamorous jet set days of the 60’s. A small island nestled in the heart of the Aegean, Mykonos remains relatively un-spoiled by the ravages of mass tourism and retains an air of glamour and exclusiveness that just keeps us flocking back year after year. Gay and gay friendly hotels such as The Elysium with its Sunset lounge and Summer gay spectaculars & The Belvedere with its timeless elegance have put the island on the map of every discerning traveler.

You can’t help but notice the sheer number of gay tourists here, but no one would even dream of batting a well-plucked eyelid. Couples of every persuasion enjoy the cosmopolitan, refined atmosphere and stroll through the winding streets holding hands as the well behaved straights don’t seem to care. What could be more tranquil? Despite Mykonos having become a euphemism for ‘gay paradise’, it’s also popular with the straights. Thankfully they tend to be a more sophisticated crowd.

Getting Around

Mykonos Airport to Old Town

  • Only a 20-minute flight from Athens (or 4 hour ferry ride), Mykonos attracts more than 100,000 visitors during peak season joining the fewer than 10,000 locals each year.
  • Conveniently situated just a few minutes from Mykonos Town, the island’s airport is close-by. Book your airport transfer in advance. Don’t leave it to your arrival in Mykonos.
  • Mykonos is a very small island. The main town (sometimes called Hora or Chora) can be traversed in about 15 minutes, so you need only ask the where a particular venue is; besides, most of the streets don’t have names and the natives are very friendly.
  • The streets are a maze of narrow, winding alleyways – some only two to four feet wide, overhung with dazzling pink and purple blossoms. On every second doorstep sits a cat, gazing down serenely at passersby.
  • If you want to stay in the old town, you should book your trip several months in advance. For a stay to remember, book your room at the Mykonos Townhouse.

Transport around the Island

Where to stay in Gay Mykonos?

Stay in the old town, with epic views of the Mykonian Sunset.

  • Taxis in Mykonos are rare, especially after dark, so try and stay as close to Mykonos Town (Chora) as possible. Some of the best 5 star hotels are located outside the town. Many offer regular shuttle services to and from the center. Season books out early (May to September) so book your hotel well-in-advance.
  • Mykonos has a wide range of hotel styles and ratings, from chic affordable boutique hotels to ultra-luxury 5 star cliff-top escapes. Remember, this is one of the most popular destinations for young, hip and moneyed Europeans, so book early. Everyone is chasing the same rooms.
  • At the top end of the scale consider the Mykonos Grand Hotel, with its stunning location on the beach of Agios Ioannis just 3 miles from Mykonos Town.
  • Our favorite on the island is the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, a small property with stunning pool and stunning views of the town.
  • The Hotel Elysium is an exclusively gay 4 star hotel with friendly atmosphere.
  • For those seeking boutique style service, check out The Grace, located north of Mykonos town above the sandy beach of Agios Stefanos. Champagne breakfast served whenever you wake up!

When to visit Mykonos

  • Peak Season is from June through to mid-September. The gayest time to visit is during Xlsior Mykonos, the annual Circuit Event in August. Those wishing for a more relaxing pace should visit during May and June and late September.
Mykonos View hotel

Mykonos View Hotel

Mykonos View boasts Cycladic-style accommodation with views over the Aegean Sea or Mykonos Town. It features an impressive swimming pool, a 24-hour lounge bar and a breakfast area with sun beds.

Hotel Alkyon

Hotel Alkyon

Alkyon Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Mykonos Town. It offers a swimming pool, and spacious rooms with balconies. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Villa Konstantin

Set on a hillside, just a 10-minute walk from the cosmopolitan Mykonos Town, and surrounded by nature, the Villa Konstantin offers amazing panoramic Aegean Sea views.

Going out – The Gay Scene & Mykonos Gay Bars

Day & Night, Mykonos is fun!

There are no mega gay clubs or European City style darkrooms in Mykonos. Apart from during the Xlsior Circuit party in August with its frenetic party atmosphere, the everyday Mykonos gay scene is laid-back. That’s part of the attraction. It’s a bit different. Afternoons are spent with cocktails at the beach clubs or champagne by your sunlounger. Evenings are spent mixing it up with guys from around the world, late into the night.

Gay venues in Mykonos town are concentrated in three locations near the old harbor front, where the small fishing boats are moored.

Sunset Cocktails

  • Celebrations begin post-beach time when guys enjoy sundowners at the stylish and sophisticated Elysium Sunset Bar. European visitors tend to eat out late (from 10pm on). Restaurants should be reserved in advance during the peak season. Pre-dinner drinks kick off at 7pm. Bars are busy by midnight.
  • If you are seeking a stylish venue for an early rendezvous, pay a visit to the Belvedere Club at the Belvedere Hotel.

After Dinner Drinks

There is certainly a bar-to-bar schedule in the town which starts early and continues well into the night so pace yourself. An evening beginning with cocktails at the Sunset bar at 7pm in the Elysium, could easily stretch beyond next day’s breakfast.

  • Most of the bars are located along the alleyways of Mykonos Town and along the harbor. First stop will undoubtedly be Agias Kirakis Square. During peak summer nights there are literally hundreds of guys spilling out on to the streets enjoying a drink and, of course, the beautiful scenery drifting by.
  • If you’re looking for a fun place to start you night out then you cannot go wrong with Lola bar, your hosts Gilles and Dimitr make everyone feel welcome in this nice cabaret music bar. Try the delicious Espresso Martinis.
  • Further along the harbor, you will find Porta Bar near the church on the harbour and Kastro’s where you can start the evening and enjoy a cocktail while watching the famous Mykonos sunset.
  • 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge hosts memorable Mykonian nights, with live music and weekly events. The bar is located on the terrace of luxury boutique hotel The TownHouse
  • You can dance pretty much in all the bars, however, most people end up at Jackie’O and its neighbor, Babylon from 3am until sunrise.
  • Those looking for a more mixed (but definitely gay-friendly vibe) should check out The Alley, a chill-out all day cafe bar which transforms into one of the trendiest nightspots for cocktail connoisseurs. Their Dry martini is one of the most famous!

Cruising in Gay Mykonos Town

For those inclined to racier pursuits, there is late-night cruising along the old sea wall near the waterfront public toilets, and by the 600-year old Paraportiani Church. It is sweet justice that gay men have colonised the most sacred symbol of the homophobic Greek Orthodox Church as a place of queer desire and carnality.

The Public Toilets next to the Town Hall have had no electric lights for several decades. Police and the authorities are aware of what is going on; they really are the unofficial darkroom of Mykonos.

Gay Map of Mykonos

Gay Friendly Restaurants

World Famous Dining Awaits

Greek food is world famous. There’s nothing better than trying a simple Greek salad, a slice of warm moussaka followed by some delicious Greek yogurt drizzled in honey, all al-fresco, on the beach in Mykonos.

There is a surprising range of cuisine available on the island from superb Italian restaurants (Catari Pizzeria) to delicious and world class sushi bars (we’re thinking Kuzina). If you need a quick bite. Souvlaki, also called Gyros, is the Greek equivalent of a hamburger.

In 1960, Mykonos was a small fishing village. Things have changed a bit since then, but it still does great fish. Check out the fish taverns by the old harbor. There are lots of tempting places to eat, with many restaurants set in lush, verdant gardens, overhung with flowering bougainvillea and grapevines.

Traditional Mykonos Restaurants

  • Kounelas is next door to the Porta Bar. It’s a very small, almost hidden in the labyrinth of streets behind the port of old Mykonos Town. Simple but perfectly cooked fresh fish is the main attraction.Make sure you book a day in advance. Lovers of fresh-caught fish will enjoy eating alfresco at this lively local taverna.
  • Mediterraneo, is next to the post office. A small, outdoor, northern Italian restaurant with plain tables and chairs. Exquisite cuisine at very reasonable prices, wonderful ambience and a late crowd – 10pm onwards. For serious foodies only.
  • Nikos Taverna is a Mykonos institution with a large outside seating area with a huge variety of fresh fish. Reasonably priced and great fun, especially if you’re in a group. With a large outdoor seating area in a pretty and lively square behind the town hall, this inexpensive taverna is one of the most popular dining spots in Mykonos Town.
  • Bakalo is located in traditional Mykonian house dating back to the 18th century, complete with a courtyard garden, the menu is made up of dishes served in a Greek household, recipes that mothers kept secret, this is a must visit if you want a taste of Greece in a relaxed setting.
  • Familia is undoubtedly one of the best choices for fantastic food in Mykonos, the restaurant offers a menu with a wide variety of Mediterranean flavors to choose from, including fresh fish from the Aegean sea, you must try the shrimp pasta called “giouvetsi” with truffle and the watermelon salad with mushrooms. Add in the fantastic service and you’re in for a treat.

High End Options

  • Sea Satin Market is at the foot of the famous five windmills. A very expensive restaurant serving seafood. The location is all: waves crashing, floodlit windmills… food can be hit and miss.
  • Interni is a contemporary and stylish restaurant and lounge in a lovely internal courtyard, hidden down a quiet alley off Matogianni Street. Its dramatic cactus-flanked staircase guarantees that celebrities are able to make a grand entrance. Expensive European fusion food.

Beach Side Fun

  • At Nammos, think t-shirt and flip flops with exquisite Mediterranean cuisine made from the best ingredients, fresh fish, meat, and vegetables from local gardens, along with a wine list containing both Greek and international vineyards, all overlooking the beach.

Mykonos Gay Beaches.

World Famous Gay Beaches

Mykonos is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, many of which are very gay. But don’t expect to be able to stroll down to the soft white sands straight from a hotel. Most of the beaches are only accessible by taxi, bus or boat, which can be a cabaret experience in itself!

  1. The beaches of Mykonos are the island’s No 1 attraction. There are several ways to reach these beaches but the most fun way is by taking a bus to Platys Gialos (a nice beach in its own right) then boarding small boats to Paradise, Super Paradise, and Elia. You are guaranteed to meet lots of other travelers en route.
  2. Buses also go direct from the town to Elia and Paradise, via narrow, winding roads over rocky hills.
  3. Those seeking a stress-free holiday are advised to hire your own transport. Rent a quad bike and the entire island is yours to explore.

Pinky Beach

Pink Beach Mykonos

A touch of Luxury.

  • Pinky Beach is located in Agia Anna Paraga. The beach club brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the Mykonos scene. Relax in the spacious VIP beds or take a front row position right by the water’s edge. The service is second to none, in fact, it is our favorite beach club on the island. Staff are attentive without being too fussy.
  • Relax and enjoy a massage, take in the amazing view and chill out to the sounds of Summer. The restaurant at Pinky Beach is 5 star offering a superb menu and great wine list. Pinky beach is an expensive option for those on a budget, but if you do want to treat yourself to a day of pampering and luxury then this is the one place we recommend!

Elia Beach

Beach fun in Gay Mykonos at Elia Beach

The Busiest Gay Beach with popular cruising spot.

  • Elia beach is the most popular beach for gay visitors to the Island. It is also one of the largest. The beach has great sand, sun beds and shades available for daily rent. As you look to the sea, the right hand side is gay. Look out for the rainbow flat. Beyond the sun loungers you will find a smaller bay where you will find even more gay sunbathers. It is also a popular nudist spot.
  • Arrive early if you want to get a good sun lounge with a front view. Food and drink is not cheap, but of good quality. The bar and restaurant is at the other end of the beach, but the waiters are very handsome so you can have food delivered right to your sun lounger. Ordering from the beach staff and a nice tip will secure your seat the next day. There is a large open air beach restaurant located by the beach car park. The menu is full of delicious seafood and meat dishes, but it’s pricey.
  • Elia Beach is quite in the morning. People tend to arrive by noon and leave from 5pm to 7pm.
  • The best way to get to Elia beach is to hire your own car. It saves time, especially if you plan on visiting the beach a lot during your holiday. Alternatively take the bus from the Northern station. Buses leave from 11am daily.
  • Stay close-by at the Arte & Mare Luxury Suites & Spa with luxurious sea-view suites, complimentary beach beds and umbrellas and a tasty breakfast served by the sea.

Agrari Beach

Agrari beach

Relaxed, tranquil and nudist friendly.

  • The next beach beyond the rocks of Elia, Agrari, is mainly straight, but you’ll sometimes find an overflow of gays there too. It is more secluded and less crowded, attracting gay sunbathers who are seeking a more relaxed ambiance.
  • Agari beach is just a short 5 min walk from Elia Beach. There is a bar and a restaurant. Sun beds are also available.
  • On the opposite side of the beach bar at Agrari beach, there is a passageway that takes you behind the normal beach area onto some rocks. When you hit the rocks walk up and away from the bar. The beach is busy all day, but things heat up late afternoon. What a surprise! There are lots of tight ravines where the real action happens. You’ll also find lots of nude guys waiting for it. Keep walking over the hill and you’ll reach a little bay with soft sand. Once you’ve left the ‘straight’ beach you can’t be seen any longer so nudity is fine.
  • Want to stay near the gay beaches in one of the most idyllic settings in all of Mykonos. Check out the Royal Mykonian Hotel.

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach

Legendary beach – more mixed as of late.

  • Superpardise beach was “THE” gay beach in Mykonos for many years. Its popularity lead to it becoming more well known among straight visitors and today it is very mixed. It still has that cool vibe, has a nice beach bar and restaurant and plenty of sun loungers. The beach gets busy from lunchtime similar to Elia beach.
  • Take a bus from the main bus station in Mykonos Town to Platys Gialos or Ornos. Then take the regular boat service to Super Paradise. Alternatively, take a bus from the main bus station in Mykonos Town to the nearby Paradise beach and walk along the path to Super Paradise. Alternatively, take a taxi, if you can find one.

Jackie O’ Beach, Super Paradise

Uber-gay, Great beds, service and poolside shows!

  • The queen of the beach scene, the Jackie O’ Beach Club is owned by the guys behind the popular Jackie O’ dance bar by the old harbour in Mykonos. The beach club is located on the beachfront of Super Paradise bay, at the southern end of the island.
  • Jackie O’ includes a large restaurant, open air bar, lounge area, Jacuzzi and pool. There is also a private massage service, DJ, music and drag shows. Reserve in advance.

XLSIOR Festival Mykonos, parties not to miss.

Xlsior Mykonos

Xlsior Mykonos

From: Aug. 17.2022 - To: Aug. 24.2022
Xlsior Mykonos provides the perfect combination to an amazing party, the subtlety a quality clubbing with a dream holidays on the beautiful Mykonos island.
Xlsior Mykonos - Opening Party - REVOLUTION

Xlsior Mykonos Opening Party

From: Aug. 17.2022 - To: Aug. 17.2022
MEAT the hottest event in NYC comes to the island of Mykonos to kick start the Xlsior festival
Xlsior Mykonos Beach Party

Xlsior Mykonos Beach Party

From: Aug. 18.2022 - To: Aug. 18.2022
The event brings the biggest DJS from the international circuit to the Island of Mykonos for one amazing party.
Xlsior Mykonos - WE PARTY

Xlsior Mykonos WE PARTY

From: Aug. 19.2022 - To: Aug. 19.2022
Xlsior Mykonos WE PARTY Saturday night, the big party night on the Island will see the WE Party return to the Paradise club
XLSIOR Sandia Pool Party

XLSIOR Sandia Pool Party

From: Aug. 20.2022 - To: Aug. 20.2022
The Pool Party takes place at Cavo Paradiso resort in Mykonos. Jump in the pool and dance under the rhythm of the Superstar DJ's

Gay Mykonos What to see and do!

Mykonos is about 4 things – Eating, Sleeping, Sunbathing and Drinking. Mykonos is notorious for its serene tranquility during the day and buzzing nightlife in the evenings. Pack your best lube because Mykonos is all about getting tanned and getting laid.

That said, there’s some noteworthy sightseeing and several nearby islands to visit. Take a tour to the famous Delos ruins, enjoy a helicopter trip around the Island or take an excursion to nearby Santorini.

  • Mykonos town is a classic example of Cycladic architecture with its narrow marble streets, tiny churches, whitewashed houses and bright painted doors and window frames.
  • Visit the Panagia Paraportiani church, the town hall and the castle located above the harbor. Take a private tour and explore the town with a knowledgeable guide.
  • One of the town’s most photographed vistas is the row of famous old windmills overlooking Little Venice. With distinctive thatched roofs and spindly sails, these windmills have been an island landmark since the 16th century. They were built in the days when Mykonos was a significant stopover on the sea-trade route between Europe and Asia, to grind wheat to make bread for passing sailors.
  • After a day at the beach and before heading home for your shower, make sure you stop at one of the bars in ‘Little Venice’ for a ‘sundowner’ and watch the dramatic sunset reflected in the water. It’s very romantic.
  • Those looking for some rich gay culture should head to The Mykonos Archaeological Museum. The museum has some interesting finds from nearby islands including a rather fetching torso of Hercules.

Mykonos is best experienced with a car. Explore the best of the Island. Compare all the major car rental rates now and get the best deal!

Gay Mykonos – When to visit?

  • Temperatures in July and August range from 86ºF (30ºC) during the day to 72ºF (22ºC) at night. Rainfall is almost non-existent in summer, but showers can be expected between October and April.
  • The weather on the island is typical of all the islands in the region, which means that it is largely Mediterranean with the odd influence from North African climes. The temperate weather is fantastic for visitors and although the heat can be oppressive and quite overwhelming for those who aren’t used to it summer remains the most popular time to visit Mykonos.
  • If you visit in the idyllic summer season – the hottest months are July and August – then expect the island to be extremely busy and the beaches packed. If you can bear to miss out on the fashionable season then the best times to visit the island are late spring and early autumn. May is a very pleasant month and by this time the water should have warmed up sufficiently for swimming. September is another gem and in early autumn the seas are almost as warm as in summer.
Memories studios "DELOS"

Discover the top 10 Apartments to rent in Mykonos Old Town.

Villa Mando Mykonos Luxury Villa

Book your very own luxury villa on the Island.

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