BRUSSELS Gay Bars & Clubs 2020

The Brussels gay scene is compact but varied. There are bars to suit all tastes, from twinks to bears, drag divas to circuit boys! Most of the gay bars are centered around Grand Place, Rue du Marché au Charbon and Plattesteen.

Le Boys Boudoir

Le Boys Boudoir, late night dancing and young guys.

Club Fuse Brussels

Late night partying takes place at the big circuit nights at Club Fuse.

Our guide to gay bars in Brussels.

Check out Le Fontainas a corner café on the Rue Marché au Charbon, the core of the Brussels gay district. Le Fontainas is considered something special. Its large terrace on a smattering of rare car-free roads combined with a nearby babbling fountain brings together a bohemian, mixed clientele in search of an urban oasis.

Le Belgica is a gay institution that’s been around since the ‘80s, The bar has a nostalgic touch. The décor doesn’t seem to have changed in a couple of decades, but its outdated look only adds to the charm of a small and jovial Thursday-to-Sunday weekend bar.

Chez Maman hosts glittering shows performed on the bar counter by maman and her glamorous posse are the order of the day at this iconic drag café and cabaret where you knock to enter. (Fabulous) men only. Catering to a mixed crowd of local gay guys, Le Boys Boudoir boasts two dance floors, a flashy disco interior, and a stripper pole. Combined with blaring pop and ‘90s music, this makes for one of Brussels’ wilder nightlife spots.

Le Baroque is popular with the bear community with a rustic atmosphere; open nightly 5pm-5am. Christo is popular with gay guys of all types their motto being, “no labels nor strings attached, just simply a bar.” Le Detour is right in the city center, mixed young crowd; former location of L’Homo Erectus.

Check out La Reserve the oldest gay bar in Brussels. it is small and of course packed on weekends with all types and ages. Those looking for something harder should check out Stammbar a men-only fetish cruise bar in the center with naked/ underwear nights, sneakers and sportswear events, bear parties, and “gang-bangs.”

And if you are still hungry for more, visit Station Bxl a gay bar and restaurant with burgers, pasta, toasts, salads from 5pm.


La Demence is a huge monthly circuit party at Club Fuse; muscle men, leather types, twinks, and older guys from far and wide, by the busload for high-energy night on 3 dance floors, cruisy darkroom – among most exciting party nights in Europe.

Los Ninos, periodic gay-friendly dance party nights include Vicuna, at various venues in Brussels and Atwerp. See their website for upcoming events. Le Thé Dansant at Smouss Café is retro dance music T-dance for a mixed gay crowd, from 6pm.

Le You (18 rue Duquesnoy) Friday/Saturday gay-friendly dance/nightclub, open until 6am, theme parties, young crowd; includes Flash, French Kiss, Noisy Boys and other parties. Sunday nights are traditionally reserved for the gay community to live it up.

Revelation at Bazaar Club is a monthly fetish/kinky party for men, international DJs, sexy dancers, porn stars, cruise room.

We have found Hotels close to the gay bar with good reviews,

Hotel Amigo,    Grand Place,    Marriott Hotel,    Hotel Agora

  • Where to Stay

    Brussels is a compact city, easily walk-able with excellent transport. Stay close to the gay district of Saint-Jacques where you will find some great boutique hotels. Book early, especially for key circuit parties and holiday events.

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Gay Bars in BRUSSELS

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Most of Brussels gay bars are centred around the Saint-Jacques district making a night out on the town quite easy to plan.


Recommended Hotels in Brussels

Most of Brussels’ gay life centres around the Rue du Marché au Charbon (or Kolenmarkt – Brussels and its street names are bilingual: French and Flemish). We have chosen hotels within easy walking distance of the gay scene.

Forte Hotel Amigo
5 Star Luxury Option

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

Elegant rooms with designer features, on the corner of Grand Place with an award-winning restaurant in a picturesque historic setting.

Brussels – Grand Place
5 Star Readers Choice

Warwick Brussels

2-minute walk from the Grand-Place and Brussels Central Station. It features free access to the fitness centre and sauna and close to the bars.

Hotel Grand Place
4 Star Perfect Location

Hotel Grand Place

The Brussels Marriott Hotel is only 50 m from Bourse Metro Station. Rue Neuve shopping street can be found 850 m from the hotel.

Hotel Agora Brussels
3 Star Beautiful interior

Hotel Agora Brussels

Opening in April 2016, Hotel Agora Brussels Grand Placer is housed in a historical Brussels building dating from 1696

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