MYKONOS Gay Beaches 2021

Mykonos is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, many of which are very gay. But don’t expect to be able to stroll down to the soft white sands straight from a hotel. Most of the beaches are only accessible by bus, which is a cabaret experience in itself!

Gay beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos gay beaches offer sand, sea and nude sunbathing, hot guys and a chilled out vibe hard to beat!

The beaches of Mykonos are the island’s No 1 attraction. There are several ways to reach these beaches but the most fun way is by taking a bus to Platys Gialos (a nice beach in its own right) then boarding small boats to Paradise, Super Paradise, and Elia. You are guaranteed to meet lots of other travelers en route.

Buses also go direct from the town to Elia and Paradise, via narrow, winding roads over rocky hills. Super Paradise is accessible only by a fishing Caique. (from either Paradise or Platys Yialos). Those seeking a stress-free holiday are advised to hire your own transport. You can hire a jeep from around EUR 35 a day or a motor scooter from about EUR 10. You should be aware that Mykonos has few major roads or traffic lights, so drive  carefully!

Paradise, Super-Paradise and Elia all offer crystal clear warm water, sunshades and parasols for rent and one or two watering holes where you can rehydrate, grab a bite to eat or just carry on from the night before! Tucked into small coves and protected by rocky headlands, these crescent-shaped strips of sand are lined with trees and dotted with thatched sunshades. Small bars and restaurants overlook the turquoise-coloured sea. From early evening onwards, the bars turn up the volume and become open-air dance clubs, packed with partygoers nearly all night long.

  • Getting to the gay beaches in Mykonos

    There are few taxis on the whole of the island so if you do plump for accommodation that is some distance from the nightlife scene, then be prepared for a long walk.

  • Exploring beyond the beach - dining options!

    There are lovely little towns and villages further afield that are worth a visit, certainly when it comes to dining out which will be cheaper and less crowded than many of Mykonos’ central restaurants.

  • What we love!

    Before heading home for your shower, make sure you stop at one of the bars in ‘Little Venice’ for a ‘sun-downer’ and watch the dramatic sunset reflected in the water. It’s very romantic.

Pinky Beach Mykonos

Pinky Beach

Our top recommendation!

Pinky Beach is our top recommendation in Mykons! It is located in Agia Anna Paraga/ The beach club brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the Mykonos beach scene.

Relax in the spacious VIP beds or take a front row position right by the water’s edge. The service is second to none, attentive without being too fussy. Relax and enjoy a massage, take in the amazing view and chill out to the sounds of Summer.

The restaurant at Pink Beach is 5 star offering a superb menu and great wine list. Pinky beach is an expensive option for those on a budget, but if you do want to treat yourself to a day of pampering and luxury then this is the one place we recommend!

Elia Gay Beach Mykonos

Stay close-by at the Arte & Mare Luxury Suites & Spa with luxurious sea-view suites, complimentary beach beds and umbrellas and a tasty breakfast served by the sea.

Elia Beach

No 1 Gay beach in Mykonos

Elia beach is the most popular beach for gay visitors to the Island. It is also one of the largest. The beach has great sand, sun beds and shades available for daily rent. As you look to the sea, the right hand side is gay. Look out for the rainbow flat. Beyond the sun loungers you will find a smaller bay where you will find even more gay sunbathers. It is also a popular nudist spot.

Arrive early if you want to get a good sun lounge with a front view. Food and drink is not cheap, but of good quality. The bar and restaurant is at the other end of the beach, but the waiters are very handsome so you can have food delivered right to your sun lounger. Ordering from the beach staff and a nice tip will secure your seat the next day.

There is also a large open air beach restaurant located by the beach car park. The menu is full of delicious seafood and meat dishes, but its pricey.

Elia Beach is quite in the morning. People tend to arrive by noon and leave from 5pm to 7pm.

How to get to Elia Beach?

The best way to get to Elia beach is to hire your own car. It saves time, especially if you plan on visiting the beach a lot during your holiday.  Alternatively take the bus from the Northern station. Buses leave from 11am daily.

Agari Beach

Relaxed, tranquil and nudist friendly.

The next beach beyond the rocks of Elia, Agrari, is mainly straight, but you’ll sometimes find an overflow of gays there too. It is more secluded and less crowded attracting gay sunbathers who are seeking a more relaxed ambiance.

How to get to Agari Beach?

Agari beach is just a short 5 min walk from Elia Beach. There is a bar and a restaurant. Sun beds are also available.

Gay cruising at Agari Beach

On the opposite side of the beach bar at Agari beach, there is a passageway that takes you behind the normal beach area onto some rocks. When you hit the rocks walk up and away from the bar. The beach is busy all day, but things heat up late afternoon. What a surprise!

There are lots of tight ravines where the real action happens. You’ll also find lots of nude guys waiting for it. Keep walking over the hill and you’ll reach a little bay with soft sand. Once you’ve left the ‘straight’ beach you can’t be seen any longer so nudity is fine.

Agari Beach Mykonos

Want to stay near the gay beaches in one of the most idyllic settings in all of Mykonos. Check out the Royal Mykonian Hotel.

Super Paradise Beach

Legendary beach – more mixed as of late.

Superpardise beach was “THE” gay beach in Mykonos for many years. Its popularity lead to it becoming more well known among straight visitors and today it is very mixed. It still has that cool vibe, has a nice beach bar and restaurant and plenty of sun loungers.

The beach gets busy from lunchtime similar to Elia beach.

How to get to Super Paradise Beach?

Take a bus from the main bus station in Mykonos Town to Platys Gialos or Ornos. Then take the regular boat service to Super Paradise. Alternatively, take a bus from the main bus station in Mykonos Town to the nearby Paradise beach and walk along the path to Super Paradise.

Jackie O’ Beach Super Paradise

Recent Arrival – Great beds, service and poolside shows!

A recent edition to the beach scene, the Jackie O’ Beach Club is owned by the people behind the popular Jackie O’ dance bar by the old harbour in Mykonos. The club is located on the beachfront of Super Paradise By at the southern end of the island. It includes a large restaurant, open air bar, lounge area, Jacuzzi and pool.

There is also a private massage service, DJ, music and drag shows.

Jackie O Beach Club

Recommended Hotels in Mykonos

Mykonos has a range of hotels to suit every budget. We recommend you as stay close to the main town as possible and take the buses, taxis or boats to the gay beach each day.

Hotel Semeli
5 Star, Great Location

Semeli Hotel

All rooms or suites at Semeli Hotel have a flat screen TV, sitting area, marble bathroom & French doors with sea views. relax with a Turkish hammam, or a massage at the Semeli Spa.

Kouros Suites
5 Star, Luxurious

Each of the rooms at Kouros Hotel & Suites is large and luxuriously appointed while retaining the charm of the characteristic architecture. All rooms have private terraces Sea views

Vencia Boutique
4 Star, Infinity Pool

Vencia Boutique

Overlooking the Aegean Sea and Mykonos Town, the airy Vencia guest rooms feature light-colored furnishings & include a refrigerator, satellite TV & air conditioning. Slippers & Free toiletries.

Harmony Boutique
4 Star, Location

Harmony Boutique

Each of Harmony’s private balconies features views of Mykonos Town and the Aegean Sea and a perfect place to witness the beautiful sunset. Each room has double-glazed windows.

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